The founders of this program built it on a philosophy that includes words like character, responsibility, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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2019-2020 Hopewell Hawks 8U-13U Travel Team Tryouts
by posted 06/17/2019

2019-2020 Hopewell Hawks Travel Tryouts Registration is OPEN.

What it means to be a Hawk

Hawks teams are comprised of the top players within the Hopewell Youth Baseball, and other area programs. It is an increased, year-round, committment from the player and family. Hawks teams have Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer programming determined independently by each team. Fall programming includes practices and Sunday only tournaments. Winter programming includes indoor practices multiple times per week. Spring/Summer programming includes multiple practices per week and 10-12 weekend tournaments (could be Fri-Sun). Many teams will also incoroporate strength, speed and agility training into their programming throughout portions of the year.

Advantages of the Hopewell Hawks Travel Program vs Other Programs

  1. Costs-The Hopewell Hawks program is more affordable for families, than other programs, because we aren't trying to make a profit. There is no nickel and diming to increase profits either. You get exactly what you pay for. This is an extension of the community based volunteer Recreation and Select programs that Hopewell offers, and we focus on the player and family experience over how to optimize our revenues and profits. You will receive everything other programs offer, while writing a check up to a 1/3 or less of the size.
  2. Professional Coaching-All Hopewell travel teams have professional coaching included in their budgets.
  3. Facilites-Hopewell has dedicated indoor facilites, outdoor cages and fields at the beautiful Bell Memorial Park. You will not practice with other teams, or be told how much you are allowed to practice. 
  4. Scheduling-The Hopewell travel program allows familes and coaches to create a schedule that best fits the needs of the familes and players on their team. Teams have flexibility in scheduling their tournaments, practices, strength, speed and agility training, and any other activities they would like to do. This allows our travel teams to have an experience that best matches the needs of their team. 

Hopewell will be offering multiple travel teams at certain age groups this year.

To compete for a spot on one of the Hawks, or other Travel teams at Hopewell, please complete the correct registration below:

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Hopewell Youth Baseball

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Hopewell Baseball Youth Umpire Program-APPLY NOW!
by posted 06/14/2019

Good morning to all,

Many of you know me as the Director of Parks and Recreation in the City of Milton, but this is not about a City activity.
This is about the Hopewell Youth Association – YOUTH UMPIRE PROGRAM (YUP) which I have run for the last 24

Have you noticed the teenagers who umpire the coach pitch leagues of 5U, 6U and 8U? We use young women and men
aged 14 and up to be the umpires at Bell Memorial Park for boys baseball and at North Park where they play girls

I run the Youth Umpire Program at both parks and we are looking for young men and women to start with us this fall.
To be eligible, the candidate must be at least 14 years old as of September 1, 2019, must have a minimum of a B
average with no more than 1 C, and of course, must have the approval of the parents. We will be taking applications
through July 7, 2019.

I am asking all of you who receive this to consider if you, or your son or daughter might be a candidate and to also
send this on to others you may know. Knowledge of Baseball and Softball is important but we do offer training and
we are looking for a diverse group of talented young people from a diverse background. Our most recent leaders
have had a background in golf, swimming, wrestling, theater, band, orchestra, chorus, track, rugby and that “cirque”
thing that they do at Milton High School where young people hang upside down (frightens me!). . Previous
baseball/softball experience helps but is not mandatory. Our teen supervisors for next season are committed to
helping train young people from rising 8 th grade up to rising 12 th grade. Put simply, if you are a hard worker and
committed to learning how to do a job – you are eligible.

The youth umpire program is intended to be a first job for a young person. We teach umpiring, but we also teach life
skills such as how to be an employee, time management, teamwork, professional communication, conflict resolution
and other life skills.

This is a paid position with advancement opportunities.

I want to be clear on two points: As I have said earlier, some people may be aware that I am the Director of Parks
and Recreation in the City of Milton. This is not a City job. I have been with the City for 7 years but this is my 25th
year running this program. I do this as a volunteer and I have never taken a penny from the program. The second
point is that because of my position as a City of Milton employee and my community activities, some people may
suspect that I give preferential treatment to friends or the teenagers of friends. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. I
have no use for nepotism. To earn a position, a candidate must complete a written application in a manner that
encourages the interview panel to want a live interview. And the live interview has multiple members and I get one
vote, just like every other member. Not “knowing me” is not a disadvantage just as being my friend since you were
born does not “give you a leg up”. We simply hire the best candidates that apply. Are you the best? APPLY!!!

To apply, the young person (not Mom, not Dad) must send an email to me at to request an
application and they must copy their parents on the email to me. I have a strict rule that I will not communicate
with a young person unless their parents are part of that communication. This is an advanced picture of the real
world! There is a written application, which if you are successful, leads to a live interview before a panel of people,
which if you are successful, earns you a job.  This process shows a young person a picture of their future - competing
for college admission, scholarships and jobs. Historically, 1 in 4 applicants are successful.

This program is starting the 25th year of existence. Many past umpires have gone on to success in their professional
lives, and many have come back to me to let me know the advantage they had a little later in life because of the
training they received from the youth umpire program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 770-843-9966.

Jim Cregge

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14U Hopewell Hawks, Gold Div GS Homerun Derby Tournament Champs!
by posted 05/02/2019

14U Hopewell Hawks, Gold Div GS Home-run Derby Tournament Champs!

Congratulation to the 14U Hopewell Hawks, Gold Division GS Home-run Derby Tournament Champions! Awesome weekend boys!

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by posted 04/11/2019


Hopewell Families,

We are excited to announce Open Registration for our Summer Camps this year.

Camps are being offered in partnership with, and run by, Howie McCann and Windward Baseball Academy's professional coaching staff. 

Camps are open to Rising (Spring 2020 Age Group) 7U-12U Players. Anyone else who would like to attend please contact us for additional details.

You can register on-line by clicking any of the camps listed below.

Camps Offered

Weekday camps include 4 DAYS for $200 and run Mon-Thurs from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, with Fri being used as a rainout day. These camps with cover all aspects of being a youth baseball player including fielding, throwing, base-running and hitting.

This is a great opportunity for players to keep their baseball skills sharp, stay active and/or prepare for the Fall Recreation and Travel Seasons as well as have a lot of fun with Howie and his great team!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or issues.

Thank you,

Hopewell Youth Baseball Board

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9U Hawks; 2019 End of Winter Kickoff Runner-Up!
by posted 03/25/2019

Congratulations to the 9U HOPEWELL HAWKS, 2019 End of Winter Kickoff Runner-Up!

Great job boys!

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11U Hawks are the 2019 March Madness Champions!
by posted 03/25/2019

Congratulations to the 11U HOPEWELL HAWKS, 2019 March Madness Champions!

Awesome playing boys!

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8U Hawks are the 2019 March Madness Champions!
by posted 03/25/2019

Congratulations to the 8U HOPEWELL HAWKS. They made it back to back tournament championships winning the 2019 March Madness!

Great job boys!

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8U Hawks are the 2019 Kings of Kid Pitch Champions!
by posted 03/18/2019

Congratulations to the 8U HOPEWELL HAWKS, 2019 Training Legends Kings of Kid Pitch Champions!
Awesome playing boys!
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